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The Revolution Continues

The following reflects numerous conversations, almost verbatim, that I have had with citizens of France over the course of many years.

Q: Are you British or are you American?

A: I am human.

Q: (laughter)

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I used to be a producer and then I worked as an artist and...

Q: Ooh, but what type of artist?

A: I take photographs, I write, and I paint.

Q: Oh you paint. Errrh, but what do you paint, what style?

A: Mostly Abstract Expressionistic

Q: (silence)

Q: And you are Franco-American? Ah, but were your parents French?

A: My mother was from France, with Ukrainian and Polish roots.

Q: Ok, but your father, what was he?

A: He was from America with German roots.

Q: So, do you have two passports?

A: Yes. Excuse me but why is it so important for you to know about my parents?

Q: Because I must know to whom am I speaking. I mean, I need to know if you come from aristocracy.

A: (end of discussion)

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1 comentario

Merk Showroom
Merk Showroom
18 dic 2023

What a humorous, but true revelation of a special mindset! But isn't it the same when people are asking me over and over again the boring question "where are you from?". The answer might just help them to put me into a certain category according to their prejudice, but not to come to know me really .....

Me gusta


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